This is an ecommerce platform dedicated to promoting eco-friendly products and educating users on recycling and minimizing their environmental footprint. The website incorporates both an online shop where users can purchase eco-friendly products and a blog that focuses on recycling and waste reduction resources.

WordPress and WooCommerce were utilized in conjunction to create this website. A special design was exclusively developed for this site, and numerous modifications were made to incorporate unique features.

Emphasis was placed on enhancing user-friendliness by incorporating product categories, search filters, and easily navigable menus. Furthermore, measures were taken to safeguard the security of users’ payment information when making purchases through the website.

Steps were taken to optimize the website’s speed and performance. This involved reducing the size of images while maintaining their quality, optimizing the code for efficiency and implementing techniques to expedite the loading process. These enhancements were implemented to ensure visitors to the site have a positive experience, effortlessly finding the desired information and products.

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